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Serre Chevalier‘s insight:

A new gondola in Serre Chevalier will replace the original cable car for 2013-14 season

The first section of the original cable-car is being dismantled. The cable-car of Serre Chevalier is part of the history and heritage of our valley. His replacement breaks our hearts, but it is a necessary reality to allow quick access to the plateau of Serre Ratier. But it does not disappear completely because the second section remains

The cable Serre Chevalier was born in 1941 and was at this time the longest cable car in the world. It was the beginning of Serre Chevalier ski area
The summit station in Serre Ratier was destroyed by fire at the end of summer 1983. The fire was seen as a real drama. One of the historic cabins is now on the roundabout of Saint Chaffrey at the southern entrance to the valley.
The cable car was modernized the following winter. This is the one we know today

The valley station in Chantemerle is a historical monument, it is part of the landscape since the start of building by 1938. It will be integrated into the construction of the new gondola. The Tourist Office will ben turn backed by the new station

A new cable car is being built and will provide access in summer and winter to the plateau of Serre Ratier within 5 minutes. 52 red 8 seats cabins with an uphill capacity of nearly 2,500 people per hour. The second section of the cable is meanwhile still operational in the summer and will bring walkers and mountain bikers to the top of « Serre Chevalier » at 2491m